Beautiful Madness Book Case


 Subscribing to Beautiful Madness Book Case is simple. Choose whether you want to subscribe month-to-month, or you can choose a 3 month plan. Whichever way you subscribe, your subscription will continue unless you cancel.....but why would you want to cancel, when there is so many wonderful books and products just waiting to travel to your home?!

What can I expect in each box? Well, of course, each month, there will be a handpicked book....after all, it's the protagonist of the box. In addition, each month there will be an exclusive item made just for BeMad. To round it out, there will also be 1 to 2 items that complement the theme of the book. It's happiness in a box.

What is the cost?

Monthly is $46.50

3 month plan is $136.50

Shipping is included.


When will I be charged? Your card will be charged at the time of purchase, and then again at your renewal time, which is the 4th of the month.

When can I expect to receive my box? Boxes will ship between the 23rd and the 26th of each month of the following month of your initial order. For example, if you order in July, your first box will arrive in August.

Can I give Beautiful Madness Book Case as a gift? Absolutely!! We cannot think of a better gift than the gift of a book. Your recipient will love you forever, and so will we.

What if I want to cancel? Is it something we said???? We don't want you to leave our little madhouse, but if you need to, you can cancel at any time. You will receive any boxes left in your plan.

What if I don't like what's in the box? We aim to have the best reads and products in each box, but we understand if they are sometimes not to everyone's taste. This is a great time to give feedback. Tell us what you like and didn't like. We will strive to make sure to keep feedback in mind when curating our boxes.

Where do you ship? We currently ship to the United States.


And remember, we love you from the bottom of our book pile!